Firefox 4 problems after auto upgrade

If you were auto-upgraded to Firefox 4 and are having performance problems or other wierdness — particularly noticed this on a Mac in more cases than not — you should trash the app and reinstall. Simply replacing the app in this way seems to clear up a lot of problems. If you continue to have problems, you may need to also remove the plist and other library files, but be careful if you want to preserve any of your old data. Tools like Hazel make this easier.

You also may want to remove your add-ons and clear cache and cookies, etc. and then reinstall everything.

That Firefox did this without asking (often on computer restart) is something I have mixed feelings about — as a developer it’s good to have vendors push out the latest version to get more users on the same platform, but that’s assuming it’s stable and all your favorite plug-ins are fully supported, which is pretty much the case with FF4 at this point.

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