Redis vs Memcached + PHP Libs for Redis

I like the looks of Redis as a fast utility that falls somewhere between a Sql DB and memory cache.

Here is one comparison with Memcached, Redis vs Memcached
the intro: take memcached and add a disk backing, replication, virtual memory, and some cool additional data structures. Hashes, lists, sets, sorting, joining, transactions, yay! I instantly got a geek boner scanning the feature list… (His enthusiasm goes, um, down from there.)

And if you do want to use it with PHP, see Ori Pekelman’s blog:
Which PHP Library to use with Redis? The Benchmark
Basically comes down to using a pure-php library or one that uses a PHP-compiled module and the trade-offs of compatibility vs speed.

To use it with Yii, see: rediscache

init.d script for redis

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