PhpMyAdmin advanced functions

I wanted to have phpmyadmin save some of my settings in order to improve the UI and enable the advanced features like query history. Changing the UI settings was easy enough – you can use the setup routine to create the settings and/or grab and uncomment from the sample config. If you use setup, just remember to hit “save” before clicking on a new config group (oops).

For the advanced features, however, I had a bit of a hard time to get rid of the “The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated…” error. I started over and it turned out to be pretty simple. Here are the steps that worked for me:

  • Using phpmyadmin or command line, import the scripts/create_tables.sql to create the pma table.
  • Use phpmyadmin to create a new user named “phpmyadmin” and select the “create a new table with username” option – it won’t over-write your table
  • add or uncomment the pma options in your config file
  • logout or ** quit your browser if using the config authentication **

You should be good-to-go.

Note if you are having trouble with a version installed/updated via a software package manager (like Yum — Remi usually has the latest, which is nice), the config file it resources may be in /etc/phpMyAdmin/ — something that also was tripping me up.

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