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Mongo db admin – node.js app

MongoExpress is a nice little basic app for monitoring and managing MongoDB (view, edit, export, etc.).

docker run -d --name=mongoexp -p 8081:8081 -m 400M --link mongo:meteor-db mongo-express

Add local Node JS module to CLI path

To run a local Node module as if it was installed globally, add this to your login profile (or set up a script to run/reset as needed):

export PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin

TrueType fonts install on CentOS 6/RHEL

Fonts used for a PhantomJS project installed locally on server with this method. Required some css tweaks that were slightly different from desktop browser.

yum install ttmkfdir.x86_64 xorg-x11-font-utils.x86_64
mkdir /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType
cp *.otf /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType
cd /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType
# view installed fonts: