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Permanently show hidden folders in MacOS

Even when I copied an old filesystem, the Library directories were hidden in the finder. To show them, use:

chflags nohidden ./Library

Find Mac Library prefs files

Recently got a new laptop and needed to copy some prefs and config files over. Command to search for the files:

find ./Library -name '*searchterm*'

You can then pipe this to copy script or similar.

I’ve also used rsync in the past but filtering with just rsync is a bit tricky.

Connect to Docker for Mac Alpine Host

The new Docker for Mac (mid-2016) doesn’t work the same way as previous versions or the native linux version. To interact with the Docker Host VM, instead of SSH, you can use:

screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/com.docker.driver.amd64-linux/tty

and login with root user. No password should be required.

You can also get networking, etc info about the host by querying a container host-networked like so:

docker run --rm --privileged --net=host alpine ifconfig

Solved: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 update problem

After realizing my Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 at home hadn’t been auto-updating (and needed the latest update to be compatible with recent Sony raw format), nothing seemed to fix it — neither trying manual download nor updating permissions or other common online advice. (It was updating fine on another machine.)

The solution turned out to be: delete the file: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat

Symptoms were: the “update” option under the help menu was disabled and the Creative Cloud showed the apps as current. The steps I did to fix it were

  • delete the “AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat” prefs file (see above)
  • log out of your Mac account (just to be safe)
  • log back in and both the Creative Cloud app as well as the in-app help menu should now offer the update option

    If this doesn’t work for you, it may be something else (like the oft-cited permission issues or conflicts with earlier versions of the app).

  • Change a homebrew app to previously installed version

    If a previous version isn’t available via homebrew brew search (even after installing brew tap homebrew/versions) so you can’t switch via brew [un]link $FORMULA and you have installed it previously, do:

    brew info $FORMULA
    brew switch $FORMULA $VERSION

    E.g., to downgrade phpmyadmin from 4.5.2, I used:

    brew switch /usr/local/Cellar/phpmyadmin 4.3.4

    See: homebrew Tips-N’-Tricks

    (Of course you can also always manually update the symlink in /usr/local/share or update/create your own formula.)

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